Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!  But it can be a time of mixed emotions; for some it is a time of joy, food, friends and happy Christmas memories, but for others it can bring a sense of loss, knowing things will never be the same as they have been.

The truth is anything that is alive is changing!  The things that change represent life, growing or shrinking.  The basic cells in our body begin by change.  The first cell divides. One to two, four to eight, 80 to 160 and continues to change.  It demonstrates life and growth.

Christmas is in many ways a benchmark of life.  A time to pause, a time to reflect and a time to reset our priorities!

Christmas time can cause the culture to remember the most important fact, Jesus was born!

God had a son named Jesus.  God gave His son to a lost and dark world.  Jesus gave His life that we could have hope, help and light into this darkness!

Christmas time can help us to slow down and appreciate what the Lord has given to us.  He has provided not only salvation and life eternal, but also the joy and blessing of family and friends!  Take time for the Christmas that really matters!  Serve the Lord, share your blessings, and spend time with the people you love!

Muzette and I want to thank you for every Christmas card, gift, and all the homemade goodies.  You are a treasure in our lives.

We love you,

Pastor and Muzette

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