Jubilee Blessings

Jubilee 2017, a time of wonderful testimonies, singing and preaching to reach your heart!

Pastor Randy Barton started our Jubilee with the comfort and challenge of A Friend of God. Pastor Keith Watkins continued with a plea for the lost with the condition of the sinner, the cry of the sinner and the conversion of the sinner.  Evangelist Rayton Puckett, at age 87, reminded us of our heritage and the power of Jesus to save.

It seemed our Jubilee was centered around comfort to the church and a challenge to do more for Jesus!

We welcome home Evangelist C.T. Townsend and Becky to celebrate another year of Jubilee. God has been so good to us year after year with wonderful singing and great Bible preaching!

Thank you to all our church volunteers.  The kitchen crew, the nursery workers, parking team, greeters, ushers, safety team, video & sound, and the Jubilee Choir, you all are amazing!  Thank you for all you do.  May God bless you and return unto you tenfold for your labor of love.

Thank you for being faithful.

You are loved!

Pastor and Muzette


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