Jesus Our Shepherd

In our past three Bible studies we have focused on God’s illustration showing Jesus as a Shepherd.

We are familiar with Psalm 23 which proclaims, The Lord is my Shepherd, but have you ever considered the statement this way?  “The Lord is my ______.”  Fill in the blank.  Out of all the job descriptions in the world, God chose to illustrate the relationship of Jesus as a shepherd.

The Lord is my farmer.  The Lord is my baker.  The Lord is my Lawyer.  Any and all of these vocations would serve to describe the love of Christ.

Yet, God chose one that was perfect in His eyes.  My son, Jesus will be understood as a shepherd to the people!

From Genesis to Revelation we have scriptures speaking of shepherds and sheep.

Don’t forget that Abraham was a shepherd when God used him to start the nation of Israel in Genesis Chapter 12.

When God wanted a leader for Israel to lead them out of Egypt, God used Moses, a shepherd.

When David encounters Goliath he is only a shepherd boy, but he is on the way to be King over Israel.

God then explains that the Messiah, our Kinsman Redeemer, is best understood as a shepherd and we are His sheep!

We are so blessed to have the Word of God and the insight of the scriptures.  To see the scriptures come alive is to go to the Holy Land or come to Trinity and see the “Shepherd with the Sheep”!

What a joy to serve together!

Muzette sends her thanks to each and every one for the beautiful cards and words of encouragement.

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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