Introduction: Identity and Leadership | The Can Do Christian

If you get right down to it human behavior somehow is tied or linked back to the desire that most humans to be happy. To find satisfaction in life. To feel accomplished, to b e recognized, to have a sense of being appreciated and valued. 

This is is part of who we are. Humans by nature are always seeking out terms for self preservation, advancement and even simple basic necessity and even more elaborate desires for comfort. Most people, even people who may not show it, or would never allow themselves to admit it, are by nature, creatures who desire to be happy. 

Now there is so much, too much in our world that speaks to happiness and what it is, what it looks like, how much it costs and what it means. But I submit to you, that you will find nothing inside the realm of earths most incredible possessions and elaborate offerings that can compare to the happiness that a man or woman can encounter first hand within the kingdom of God. 

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