Ignored, Cut-Off and Forgotten

Have you ever been ignored? How did it make you feel? Have you ever been cut-off? Has anyone ever told you something, or promised something and forgot? Life can be cruel. Life can be mean. Life can be unkind and brutal on human emotion.

It is one thing to experience these emotions with people, it’s another to feel them with God. This will require you to be completely honest with yourself internally. Has there ever been time, a place or are you in a place, where you feel like things with God has changed. Communion with Him is different, His Presence feels like it’s been relocated to a far away place and you just can’t reach it. Cant grasp it. I submit to you that this is a typical struggle in the Christian life. The feeling that God is not favorable. That his lovingkindness has ceased. That his promise is somehow not reliable. You are not ALONE!

Psalm 77:1-9

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