Happy Sunday Church Family!

I wanted to thank you personally for the sacrifice of time you made praying for the Korea Crusade 2019.  It is breathtaking to look back and observe the opportunities that God opened for our church and for our Pastor.  I wanted to share with you from my heart, what the Lord made obvious to me while we were in South Korea. 

While we were in the country, there were multiple opportunities each day for us to preach and be involved in services all over South Korea. Some of the meetings were early morning, some late at night, and on Sunday, Pastor Ralph preached seven times!

I’ll be honest. There were instances during the crusade that the overwhelming crowds of people, hungry for the truth, could become somewhat of a blur. Pastor Ralph preached to over 20,000 people at the 7:00 am Sunday service alone.  But as things became less overwhelming and came a little more into focus, God absolutely devastated my heart with one word: People. 

I asked myself, “Why are we in South Korea, spending precious time and effort, thousands of miles away from home?”  People!  “Why is this great effort worth it?”  People!  “Why are these churches and their staff so dedicated to what they do?”  People!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is for people.  People for whom He died.  People that Christ loves.  People that need to know someone cares. People that need a place to worship.  People that need hope.  People that need the chains of sin destroyed!  People!  People who can have a personal, one-on-one relationship with the God of everything.  Jesus knows me, just as well as He knows you, just as He knows every single one of his children, globally, and that is incomprehensible!  

I’m so thankful that the gospel of Jesus Christ works worldwide.  It can transform our families, our churches and our lives forever.  I’m asking God to give me a clear vision of the people in need of this beautiful Savior, right here at home. God give me my tears back for lost souls.  God give me the heart of a dedicated man, sold out for Your Kingdom! People are in need.

I’m thankful for the hundreds, if not thousands, of people that came to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of our Pastor, Dr. Ralph Sexton.  It was incredible to see God pour in to him and use him in a powerful way.  We are a blessed church.  Let us continue in this spirit of prayer and seeking the Lord for revival.  Could it be that revival is just on the horizon?

You are loved and you are prayed for!          

Your Servant For Jesus’ Sake, 

Winston Parrish

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