Happy and Blessed

Sometimes it is difficult to be happy.  Happiness is linked to happenings and what is happening may not be good.  We do not enjoy the difficult days, or the times of hardship.

However, the joy of the Lord is my strength!  Our Lord is greater than the circumstance.  God is our shelter and refuge on those difficult days. One definition of Joy is calm delight.  That is the peace the Lord brings, calm in the midst of the storm.

Always remember to get joy we must give it.  To keep joy we must share it.  If we work and pray to be able to bring happiness to others, we cannot avoid happiness coming into our lives.

You cannot out-give God and you cannot out- love God.  He has blessed us and made us happy in Him

Happiness comes from giving, not from getting.  God blesses the heart and spirit that is like Him.

The truth is, our happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not the material wealth of this world.

Serve the Lord in this New Year with all your heart and enjoy each day!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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