The Fifth Gospel

Many of the guides and teachers in Israel refer to the land itself as “The Fifth Gospel”. The Bible contains the “Four Gospels”; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When you arrive in Israel, the land begins to demonstrate, teach, and reflect the “gospels”. They jump off the pages and come alive! The living illustration of the land is so strong that the teachers and guides say, “If you can come see the land, read the scriptures the land becomes the “Fifth Gospel”.

Using the Bible as our guide book, the word of God becomes our road map of travel and exploration. We read about Mt. Hermon, so we drive north in Israel to the Syrian border and see Mt. Hermon. We read Jesus teaching the disci-ples at Caesarea Philippi and we go to the spring at Banias (Caesarea Philip-pi), then Jesus calling the disciples at Galilee and we travel to the Sea of Gali-lee. The Bible is the guide and the land testifies to the truth of God’s Word!

Thank you so much for praying! The video team did an outstanding job. The team worked very hard from daylight until dark every day. God opened many unusual and wonderful doors for us to minister in Israel! No doubt about it, the Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled each day and Jesus is coming at any moment!

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