Faith in Action

Sometimes we are given the opportunity to really be “The Church.”  We can be more than just faith in a pew, or a Bible in a study group.  God allows us as a group, a church fellowship, to put our faith into action.

This past Sunday, Trinity went to work!  What a wonderful weekend of service to our Lord and the community we love.

The preparations on Friday and Saturday for 9-1-1 Sunday were outstanding.  From the locating of rescue equipment, the volunteers parking our guests and greeting our visitors in the sanctuary to the fresh vegetables for Sunday’s dinner, it was an exciting time to serve and bless others.

While our service was ongoing, Hurricane Florence was intensifying in the Atlantic.  The governor of North Carolina declared a state of emergency and FEMA called to activate Hearts with Hands.

Trinity again displayed faith in action by moving our Sunday night church service and activities to the Hearts with Hands Warehouse to pack food boxes.  WOW! We experienced the largest group of TBC volunteers ever!  God touched our hearts to put our hands to work.  Thank you!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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