Faith, Friends and Food

We have been blessed the past few weeks with wonderful services!

God has touched our church family with a fresh burden to pray and to reach our community with the Gospel.

In our ladies’ prayer groups, our men’s prayer breakfast and even individuals coming to church before work to pray, our prayer meetings have grown and our prayer teams are expanding. Thank the Lord for this fresh anointing on our lives!

This past week, the Lord walked among us. The message, “The Son of Grace,” spoke to our hearts. The message came alive, with Jesus removing the hindrances (Saw Team) so the healing of the Holy Spirit (Medical and Food Teams) could arrive to help the life in a disaster.

We will meet again this Wednesday at 5:00 PM. This will be American night with our favorite hot dogs and burgers, great friends, and then a time to grow our faith in the Word of God.

Thank you! Last Wednesday you donated $5.00 per plate at the meal for TBC Missions. This week we will be assisting RSM, Heritage Radio and the Israel Fund.

Thank you for being faithful.

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette  

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