Today we honor the wonderful achievements of our graduates.

We have K4 and K5 graduates. We have graduates leaving the lower grades headed to middle school, and high school graduates that are starting their journey into adulthood.

We also are very proud of the hard work of our college graduates and we honor those who have completed Masters Degrees this year.

We are blessed with a wonderful church family and it is very special to share these personal family milestones.

In Korea, we witnessed the great focus on family, church, and educating the next generation.  The “community” force is powerful in the church and in the life of the people as they go to school and work.

We must protect the great gifts of our families, our church, and the freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you for remembering Muzette today!                                                                     We will use the MUZETTE MEMORIAL to retire our church debt and support more ministries than ever before.

Thank you for being faithful!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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