Confident Christianity | Part 5

Tonight we will continue in our midweek series from 1 John 5, on Confident Christianity, and really of these messages came from a portion of a message a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning, we talked about Christians. Believers living underneath the privilege of what God insists for them to live in.

Being an authentic follower of the Lord Jesus Christ really does mean something! it’s not just a religious term, it’s not just your social media identifier, but if you’re saved and in the faith it really means something to be a Christian. 

5 Aspects of Christian Confidence

  1. Confident of eternal life in Christ 5:13
  2. Confident of answered prayer in the will of God 5:14-15
  3. Confident In Victory Over Sin and Satan 5:17-19
  4. Confident that we belong to God 5:19
  5. Confident of Christ being the one, true God 5:20
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