Tonight, the Lord has us in a Psalm of David. This Psalm is quite short but in just a few verses you will see three distinct Expressions from the heart of David.

In all reality, this Psalm represents what life is like. There are seasons of life where there is peace and it seems stable and everything just stays sort of even-keeled. What we come to learn are that those become maybe some of the most precious times in life because there are seasons where life seems to be long ride on a “teeter-totter“ of turmoil to tranquility.

Today we will look at a story of marriage in scripture where God so emphatically displayed His love, His mercy, His grace, His forgiveness and His power to restore.

Hosea A prophet with a heartbreaking Homelife. A wife who can do nothing but be Unfaithful.

The Bible is our greatest treasure.

The key to it all, the key to life, the key to knowing the Lord Jesus, the key to wisdom, understanding. The source of strength, the power to withstand, it’s all wrapped up in the Word.

This is why your faith cannot be tied to a human relationship. Your stability in your walk can not be rooted in your attitude towards a church fellowship. It has to be more than just being a member of a church. It has to be that your faith, your life, your marriage is boldly solidified in the Word of God.

Do you feel alone or like you’re wandering through life with a cloud hanging over your head? Sometimes we all feel like we’re just living in the shadows, but there is hope!

Marriage is an illustration! It is the living depiction of Christ and the Church! It is the unique symbol that dictates the relationship between Christ and the church! Every day lived out between husband and wife is a live action drama on display to the entire world!

Husbands, understand that the majority of expectation and pressure is applied to you. God’s plan of order for the home, the marriage all starts with you being right with Him.