Being Happy!


In our world of materialism it can be difficult to be happy.  The answer could be that it is not what truly makes us happy, but more that we think we have to have to make us happy.

Is it the next purchase? Is it the newest IPhone or video game that can make me happy?  Maybe it takes something bigger to make you think you are happy!  Could it be a new car, buying a new house or a deluxe vacation that would provoke happiness!

Happiness is being alive in Jesus, and knowing we have trusted Him for our salvation!  Happiness is being blessed with family and friends.  You have heard me say at least a hundred times… “All we really have on this earth is God and each other and we had better take care of each other!”

Happiness comes from how we approach circumstances and look at life.  “Stinking thinking” can ruin a great day!

Imagine having a group of friends over at your house. There is a mess to clean up, yes, but it means I have been surrounded by friends.  A huge heating bill can mean you were warm in the winter.  Even taxes can be a blessing; it means I have a job.

Be happy! We have the Lord and each other and you are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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