Back to School

The calendar seems to be on high octane fuel! The weeks and months are flying by this year, and we have already come to Back to School Sunday.

This is a special weekend in our church family.  This Sunday starts the countdown to the beginning of a new school year.  Young ones are being registered for kindergarten, others are preparing for middle or high school, while some are packing to go away for that first year of college.

Families are buying school clothes and school supplies, pop-tarts and cereal and making plans for meeting the school bus.  All of us are headed back to the Monday-Friday morning rush!

We pay for clothes, supplies and school.  We prepare so we can help our children and grandchildren get off to a good start, knowing that a good education is the foundation for a good and productive life.

We pay, we prepare (all for sure), so let’s not forget to pray!

Let’s pray for the scared K-4 and K-5 students, experiencing their first time away from mom and dad.

Let’s pray for every car, van, and bus ride to and from school.

Let’s pray for our teachers to be able to touch all these young minds with a Biblical world-view.

Let’s pray for every student to be healthy to attend, nourished to learn and to be safe during the school day.

Psalm 27 speaks of the Lord being our strength for everyday living. We must band together in prayer!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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