A Mom Who Can, A Mother That Must…

From the conversations that I’ve heard recently between mothers, both my own family members and mothers outside of my own family, there is a kind of fear about raising children in the world we live in. Young women who are pregnant see a questionable future for their children. As a result, anxiety levels are elevated. It’s hard for parents to imagine what kind of world their children will awaken to in another five, ten, or so years. Many people ask themselves if they should have children at all. 

Our world has always been a dangerous place to live.. But in some ways it is as dangerous now as it has ever been. Mothers are raising children in a day where they face a very, very troubled world and a very hostile world. Hostile to families, aggressively hostile to families, hostile to marriage, therefore hostile to their children. We also are facing the fact that in our lifetime this is the first time that true Christians have become public enemy number one. And the system is coming at us with a fierceness. Never in the history of the world have we been exposed to as much trouble as today. 

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