A House of Prayer

This past Sunday we were blessed to welcome the Korean Children’s Choir and the Missions team from the Far East Broadcasting Company.

Their powerful ministry is wrapped in a lifestyle of personal prayer.  Dr. Park stated that not only do the Korean people meet at their churches to pray each morning, but individuals also pray at home and at work.  They give credit to God for their prosperity and safety in today’s hostile world.

In the book of Isaiah, God speaks of His Holy mountain in Jerusalem.  He tells the people that He(God) will make them joyful in MY HOUSE OF PRAYER.  The later part of that same verse is very important, “For mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.”

God’s house, the local church, shall be called an house of prayer.  God said that He will hear our prayers, lighten our burdens, touch our faith, and make us joyful.

Where? God will make us joyful in His House of Prayer.

In Matthew 21:13, we read words from the mouth of Jesus (red letter text), “It is written, my house shall be called the house of prayer; But ye have made it a den of thieves.”

The strong message from Jesus is that His people have stopped praying!  My house is a house of prayer and because you are not praying, you didn’t see or care that robbers and thieves are hiding in my house!

God’s house is not a house of entertainment or a social club, it is a House of Prayer!

Becoming a House of Prayer requires supernatural work, not our hands or our efforts! It must be the hand of God upon our lives and church to make a difference.

When we are people of prayer then God will reveal our spiritual weakness and even expose our sin.  We must pray for God to keep us a holy people.

We need a revival of prayer in the House of Prayer!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph and Muzette

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