We welcome each one of you to Trinity today as we honor and thank our Veterans for their service to our nation. Following the 10:45 service we will be providing a meal for each veteran and their family. Remember, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE; THANK OUR VETERANS!!

In II Timothy 2:1-4 we are admonished to, “…endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”  In verse 4, Paul tells us to please Him who hath chosen us to be a soldier.  In God’s Word we have a plan and path to live the life of a good soldier even in these confusing, chaotic and hard times.   

As a church family, a group of soldiers for Christ, let us work together to:

· Be tough, strong, endure— II Timothy 2:3, II Corinthians 6

· Obey, trust our commander—John 14:15, John 15:14, Ephesians 6

· Teach others of the Gospel— II Timothy 2:2

November is the month that we focus on our Faith Promise Mission Program.  Trinity works together in supporting over 150 ministries carrying the Gospel around the world.  We will hear from several of our missionaries throughout the remainder of the month and on Sunday, November 24th, we will collect our Faith Promise Giving cards to determine our missionary giving for 2020.  Let’ pray for the Lord to increase our faith and our sharing. 

We welcome back our Holy Land Travelers!  Our church family is anxious to hear of your experiences as you walked where Jesus walks!

Working together,

Dwight Parrish

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