2022—A New Year, Renewed Hope!

As we come out of the Christmas season and begin a new year, I want to challenge you to take a look back at what we experienced during Christmas at Trinity Baptist Church.  In the messages, in the songs, and even in the Christmas play presented by our children’s ministry, there was one overwhelming theme, and that theme was hope.  We were reminded in several different ways how the birth of Jesus Christ launched out a  beacon of divine hope for all of mankind.

In a world that seems at times hopeless, in a society of madness and confusion, the believer can embrace a lifestyle and attitude that reflect the hope found in the person of Jesus!  Our hope for the coming year is not fixed to anything of this world.  Thank God, our hope, all our hope, peace and comfort is tied securely to the Son of God.  That is real, tangible hope that you can have going in to 2022. The world is uncertain, but we have assurance.  The world is dark but we possess the Light of the Word.  We can have HOPE!  Now— enter the coming year with renewed hope in the power of God to do through you what you cannot.

Miranda and I want to wish you a Happy, Hopeful, New Year!

Pastor Winston & Miranda Parrish


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