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Wednesday night we played a video, “The Start of Sacrifice,” as a tribute to our veterans. This video makes sacrifice personal. The story line follows a young man as he tells his family that he wants to enlist in the Marines. We follow the sacrifice that the family makes and the sacrifice and courage of this young man as he completes boot camp. We experience the joy of graduation and the sacrifice of deployment.

This story becomes more personal for all of us when we think of our very own young Marine, Weston Landreth, who, this week, graduated TBS Officer School at Quantico Marine Base with honors!

Sacrifice means making that commitment to what you believe to be important, like your sacrifice to work hard and graduate from college or your sacrifice to work extra hard to receive a promotion at work. Many have sacrificed personal time to train for a sporting event.

Today, we must invade our comfortable lives to grow spiritually. It may seem like a sacrifice to set aside time to pray or read the Bible, but we are training for spiritual warfare! Jesus invites us to pick-up our cross (sacrifice) and follow Him. Let’s be salt and light!

Veterans Day from Ralph Sexton Ministries on Vimeo.