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Charles Haddon Spurgeon was once invited to a special church event, and he was shown the order of service. They had written that Mr. Spurgeon would preach. The famed Spurgeon said, “If there is only one thing that I may do tonight, I want to offer the prayer.” Wise man!

If there is only “one thing” we can do… We can ALL pray! We must pray! We must teach prayer! To be faithful followers of Jesus, real New Testament believers; we must be men and women of prayer!

John Fletcher of Madeley was a great teacher who had a powerful walk with God. In his classroom, he would speak on great topics of the Word of God. Subjects of revival like, the fullness of God’s Holy Spirit or the power and blessing God meant for His people to have.

He would close his lecture and say, “That is the theory; now those who want the practice come along to my study”. They would follow one hour of theory by one and two hours of practice in prayer!

There is a story told of the great pianist Rubinstein. The maestro said,

“If I miss my piano practice one day, I know it.

If I miss my practice two days, my friends know it.

If I miss my exercise three days, the world knows it!”

Does the world know? Do your family and friends know that you are not praying?

Every day, every week and every church service can be filled with the power of God and the miracles of lives changed! We must be a people and a church of prayer!

Let’s keep praying together for a spiritual awakening in our hearts this year!

A Little Space
Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning I watched the election returns. I kept the remote warm, moving from channel to channel, looking for the latest returns, exit polls and the opinion of all the professional news staff.
Why? Why the concern? Was it just a symptom of being a news junkie or was it something else? Was it, maybe, hoping there would be evidence of a thread of values and a concern about the direction of a nation that seems to be turning against God and against the nation of Israel?
Monday night, while visiting in Asheville, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott declared, “We must not turn our backs on God or on the Nation of Israel!”
As the returns started to come across the news desks of the networks, exit polls and citizens began to say out loud what we all have been thinking…
“We are going in the wrong direction!”
Many of us have prayed for our nation and tried to remind others of the faith of our founding fathers. Our nation was born by men and women who prayed and asked God for His help.
The results of this election that has changed the US House, the Senate, and the majority of our nation’s governors may be our opportunity to see a spiritual renewal in our nation.
Ezra 9:8 says:
“And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the Lord our God”… Why? To …“Give us a little reviving in our bondage.”
This could well be our “little space” to reach our family and friends for Jesus!