Sunday May 2, 2021

Doug Guy

Doug Guy

Minister of Music

Behold their sitting down, and their rising up; I am their musick. ~Lamentations 3:63

This famous and powerful scripture describes the faithfulness and the mercies of God that are enduring and new every morning. Then, Jeremiah pens the thought that Jehovah is their musick, in their sitting down and rising up. How enormous is the music that comes from God! Music is the song of the heart; the invention of the Creator; the melody that saturates the motion and that calms the raging ebb saying to the waters, “you can only come this far”! It is the honor and privilege that each week our musicians, singers, and choir usher in our waiting congregation with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. God has so blessed Trinity with amazing talent and people gifted with the ability to use their resources for His glory. It’s not just a song that is sung, but the object and affection of our worship that makes it so alluring and fulfilling.

The Jubilee Choir members are back on track with our music looking forward to each service and practice session as we plan for our 55th Annual Land of the Sky Jubilee. In preparation for this event, the choir will have a special practice session on May 16th at 3 pm that afternoon with the Trinity of Lancaster Singers. Pastor Rick Cope will be preaching the first night of Jubilee and his choir will be our guest as we combine both choirs for that evening. If you have ever thought about joining our music and choir ministry, now would be a great time to come and be part of this wonderful time of singing and praising the Lord. Please make plans as we look forward to a season of renewal and spiritual awakening with other believers. God bless you as we celebrate and worship in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina here in Asheville.

Bro. Doug